Lit from Within artist made lantern show at East Simpson Coffee House

Chris Cain Grace Gee-Ajemian Sara Rockinger Susan Booker Ray Tuomey Lloyd Lewis Jane Glotzer
Penny Park Rachel Hanson Mary Hanson Molly Hanson Kimmerjae Johnson Randall Rollheiser Paula Slick

2015 Contributing Artists

Kelly O’Neil shadow puppet show
Brian Miller  theater lighting/set/sound
Kathy Lechman, puppeteer
Lisa Hamburg, puppeteer
Jamie Slick actor
Milo Savage actor
Iris Savage actor
Suzanne Crawford  drum leader
Jonathan Berner  exhibited work at Church of Arts
Daryl McCool giant puppet maker
Aileen Hayden  giant owl puppet actor
Mike Apgar  giant fox puppet actor
Mollie Stauss exhibited work at Church of Arts
Rebecca Bevirt lantern maker
Deborah Snow Pascoe  add-on public artist
Chris Cain giant puppet maker
Drummers:  Lisa Janowski Davila, Briggs Geister, Alyson Miller, Matthew Blank
Ukelele Social Club:  Johanna Renouf, Dani Rudkin,  Anne Auerbach, Charlie Martien and Tracy Bellehumeur  
Steel Pennies Bluegrass Band:  David Okay Patton, Kathy Foster Patton, Kathy Drasznak and Kevin Slick 
The Low Flying Knobs marimba group played at Church of the Arts
Alan Peters of Jupiter Visual creates annual poster
Mindy Hurd and the High Peaks Twirlers  glow-in-the-dark batons performers
Kirsten Boyer, photographer

2015 School Participants

The following schools and art teachers created large lanterns for the event.

Michael Hollenbach, Centaurus High School Kevin Slick, Erie Elementary Anna Villachica, Pioneer Elementary Jane Sprague, Friends n Fun Childrens’ Center Page Zekonis, Running River School